Awakening the Magic in you: Connect to nature and your inner voice

Awakening the Magic in you: Connect to nature and your inner voice

28 augustus 2017 08:00 tot 01 september 2017 10:00 Bewaar de kalender

“A miracle is just a shift in perception from fear to love.”            -Marianne Williamson

Once we realise, the magic of miracles is already all around us and it is for us to invite this magic to reveal itself into our daily lives. 

"It is an 'undoing' of things,
it is 'letting go' of patterns,
it is 'allowing' the magic to come in."
And this is just what we are going to do, together, in the beautiful dunes of The Hague.
Taken by the the hand by one of the great mythological stories, we will explore centuries old wisdom, we will connect to nature and listen to the whispers of our inner voice.
Every day we will start at a given location in the dunes. We will work with stories, silence, breath and (relaxing) exercises.
It will be a calm awakening of our bodies and souls in the midst of nature, while we discover our magical energy together, find the personal intentions in our hearts and allow the magic to fill our days.

Dates: August 28- September 1st(Mon-Fri) 8-10am
Location: in the dunes in The Hague (To Be Announced)
Fee: € 180,- for all 5 days.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring water, a little note book and a pen.
2017-08-28 08:00:00
2017-09-01 10:00:00

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