World Storytelling Day with Mezrab

Mezrab WSD
The first day of Spring is coming! That means a bunch of things. Like Iranian new year (because Persians really hate the cold and do not understand why you’d celebrate new year in January, they’d rather celebrate it with the return of the green leaves and the waking up of the birds).
The first day of Spring also means World Storytelling Day! I’m sure most of you didn’t know that it’s a proper celebration, but it is. It was started actually in Sweden 40 years ago (where they don’t mind the cold so have no problem celebrating the New Year in January), but it has since grown to become a world wide event!
And, Mezrab is glad to participate! On this day we will go live during the entire day, starting around midday and ending around the end of the afternoon, and many tellers that we love will share a short story with you. You don’t need to do anything to enjoy the stories, just watch them appear live on our Facebook page. But do spread the news about this day of stories to your friends!