Winter Wondertales (5+)

Winter Wondertales (5+)

16 december 2017 11:00 tot 17 december 2017 14:45 Bewaar de kalender


Come to The Paradise Theatre this Christmas and experience the sheer magic of Caja's wonder tales: the tavelling to lands far far away and even in time, the idea that everything is connected, and how even the greatest trial ends well. Bathe in the wisdom that remarkable heroes can be found among the quiet, the young, the old, the foolish and even among wacky human beings, or animals for that matter. And breathe in the knowledge that even the bravest among us can be fearful, and stupid. Caja's stories are full of these elements and she invites her listeners, no matter the age, to join her on these wonderful winter journeys. Each show is a compilation of various short stories drawn from Caja's ever expanding repertoire, she won't know which stories she will tell until you are all comfortably seated.

Saturday December 16th at 11:00, 14:00 and 17:00

Sunday December 17th at 11:00 and 14:00

This show is produced together with STET-The English Theatre. For information on location and tickets visit this website.

2017-12-16 11:00:00
2017-12-17 14:45:00

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